About the Gallery

Our mission is to promote all artistic endeavors in the Valley and beyond, everything from painting and sculpture to metal work and lapidary.

Our vision is to provide a central location for the promotion of the arts in the Valley. In addition to hosting gallery events and art shows, we have a huge collection of permanent features, such as stones, gems, and opals produced by our lapidary studio and original sketches by the “Who’s who” of the art world: Leonardo Da Vinci, Fritz Rock, and Sky Jones. Our new lapidary studio/lab, the first of its kind in the Valley, will host courses on stone cutting, polishing, and jewelry making.

Our plan is to host art exhibitions featuring artists both, known and unknown, local and foreign. We plan to arrange student art shows with local school district and host tours of our brilliant collection of art.

We have been meeting with the International Museum of Arts, IMAS, in order to collaborate on art awareness in the Valley, and possibly host shows for them. We are also working closely with the local PBS station/KMBH to participate in educational activities.

Our board of advisers consists of art enthusiasts and people dedicated to achieving our objectives. Dr. Oladayo A. Sanusi is the President of Litewill Holdings and the founder of this gallery and project. He is an art enthusiast and artist with various experiences in the arts. He is also a member of many art galleries and museums.