Materials and Perspectives:

Female Collaborative Continues to Defines Valley Cultura

HARLINGEN, TX – Collaborators Aleida Garcia Wedgworth and Corinne Whittemore are Rio Grande Valley based artists who have been defining Valley Cultura for the past two years. Their work engages valley culture on a very personal level. Materials and Perspectives: ValleyCultura, opens Thursday September 14, 2017 at 6:30 PM at Beyond Arts Gallery. Director, Jessica Salazar McBride, explains that “It has been rewarding to see these very talented artists come together, with their varying perspectives to portray and celebrate valley culture and claim it as their own”.

“We were both in the process of re-building—of healing when the concept of Valley Cultura emerged through conversations about culture, identity and borders. The physical and metaphoric boundaries of this region inspired us to invite other RGV creative thinkers to contribute to ValleyCultura. Our journey led us to a rewarding collaboration with curandera and performance artist, Danielle Lopez, and recently with a very talented painter, Sara Garza, whose work can be found in various collections including the Peabody Museum in Cambridge MA,” explains Garcia.

The exhibit will feature an installation of sculptural, wearable art by Aleida Garcia, highly textured painted fragments of memories by Sara Garza, and dynamic digital art comprised of fragmented photographs by Corinne Whittemore. “My digital art is a visual interpretation and a personal documentation/exploration of a thriving culture unique to the border areas of the United States. The RGV is filled with beauty and paradox that re-envision and re-define cultural identity,” explains Whittemore. The exhibit will also include performance art by Danielle López, a local Mexican American Studies Scholartivista, on the night of the reception.

Opening reception will take place on September 14, 2017 at 6:30 PM at Beyond Arts Gallery, Harlingen, Texas.  Free and Open to the Public.