Sergio Garcia “Sacando Mis Trapitos al Sol”

Opening reception Thursday November 7th, 6:30PM to 9:30PM.

Exhibition runs November 7th through December 31st.

Sergio García’s artwork intends to communicate how fascinating he finds the spiritual world and how it is deeply connected with the physical realm, whether one is aware of it or not. His interest is to show how the invisible is usually more real than what can be seen.

He is tired of art that limits itself to show the chaos of a world in war; especially with the trite manner in which lately many artists portray the Mexican conflict with the cartels and the insecurity. As it only shows what is already known but does not propose anything to make a positive change.

Through art he tries to explain how, directly or indirectly, we become part of the problem instead of just viewers; that way we are responsible for what is happening in the world rather than being victims. After taking responsibility it is easier to acknowledge that the only way to make a change is to change ourselves. García believes that the key is within us and we decide if we want to use it or not. His proposal includes realizing that it is our job, and only ours, to generate peace within ourselves even if we live in a world in war.

In order to communicate his ideas García creates unique characters which include: bowl headed creatures that feed from the sacred energy of the universe, hairless people that materialize their desires on their heads, soul mates that are happy of reencountering each other, and alchemists that instead of working with metal are working with their own personality, among other beings full of symbolism.

Although he recognizes that Surrealism and Pop Art greatly influence him as an artist, he refuses to label himself. Approaching his work with the same passion for Art that has accompanied him since his childhood is a constant invitation to play with different techniques and materials. Art is not just a lifestyle for him; it is also the therapy that helps him to know himself better, to grow spiritually, and to become a better person.

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