“W O R K S O F F I G U R A T I O N” by ROBERT ANDES and DAVID RANSOM to be displayed at Beyond Arts Gallery

Robert Andes and David Ransom


“W O R K S  O F   F I G U R A T I O N” by ROBERT ANDES and DAVID RANSOM to be displayed at Beyond Arts Gallery

Harlingen, TX- Beyond Arts gallery welcomes it latest exhibition “W O R K S   O F   F I G U R A T I O N” by ROBERT ANDES and DAVID RANSOM, with Guest of Honor, author, writer and B. A. G. board member, Brenda Nettles Riojas of Harlingen, Texas and catering by J & G Catering, Harlingen. The Public is invited to join Beyond Arts Gallery on Thursday, January 14, 2016 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for an opening reception. The Exhibition runs January. 14th – March 5th


Robert Andes is originally from the small town of Milton, New Hampshire.

He has also lived in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Saudi Arabia. He earned his BFA in Art with a minor in Art History from Oklahoma State University and his MFA in art with a minor in printmaking from the University of Arkansas.

Robert’s art has varied from hyperrealism to impressionism using an extensive and colorful variety of hues in his palette.  He has painted and drawn mostly people and continues to find the human condition fascinating; he has also dabbled in landscape work.

Robert’s work has been exhibited in numerous juried shows including the Oil Painters of American National and Regional Exhibitions, Columbia College Paper in Particular Exhibition, and the Southern Graphics Council exhibition titled  “Genetic Imprint.”

Robert has taught at several different universities and community colleges and is currently on the faculty at Texas Southmost College in Brownsville, Texas.

“I am foremost a figurative artist. The traditions of figurative work remain important in art to the present.  I have enjoyed learning and using processes and techniques used by painters in the past.  My intent is to create a modern painting that is visually pleasing and captures people and their emotions, as well as mine, through color, line work, and composition”. – Robert Andes


David Ransom- My exposure to Art was immediate.  I am the youngest of nine born under Saturn and raised in an isolationist world view of the Pater familias.  I gained from them all.  The Moon was a poet and painter who cradled me as an infant in her arms while she painted placing the brush in my hand; albeit the wrong hand, but I would correct her and switch the brush to my left.  At nine months I was painting before I could walk.  The Sun introduced me to the works of Dali and Chagall before the age of reason.  The Muses were all talented and exposed me to a variety of subjects from Mythology to Music.  However growing up with eight siblings one must with the help of Zephyr navigate through the mercurial seas of personalities, locate terra firma and cultivate their own landmark to ignite the way.  I pursued drawing, reproducing the drawings from the National Audubon Society book.  Unfortunately as soon as I descended into the Cave of my formal education I was developing symptoms of social anxiety.  It dualistically impacted my pursuit of art.  It is a dichotomy that is omnipresent.  It has been a constant struggle of avoidance and pursuit.   “Just when I thought I was in… they pull me back out.”  Eventually one must surrender to the Fates.  Once I acquiesced I found my way from the Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Pan American to New York City where I was accepted into the Graduate School of Figurative Art at the prestigious New York Academy of Art and graduated cum laude with a Master’s of Fine Arts in 2005.  The New York Academy of Art follows the long tradition of classical academic training inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque ateliers and the 19th century L’Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Under the instruction of such notables as Ted Schmidt and Steven Assael I was instructed in human anatomy and classical painting techniques.  In the summer of 2004 I met the world renowned Kitsch painter Odd Nerdrum and accepted a personal invitation to travel to Norway for a summer residence in 2005.

An illuminating and life changing experience out of the Cave, I arrived on the Summer Solstice to a strangely familiar home of my pagan childhood.  One result of this period is the inclusion of my work in the publication The Nerdrum School: The Master and his Students.   Eventually like the prodigal son I returned to Texas later that year and lived and exhibited in Austin where I was represented by El Taller Gallery before joining the University of Texas Brownsville as an adjunct faculty member in the Visual Arts Department in 2008 and Lecturer in 2011.  I am currently teaching Drawing and Painting at Texas Southmost College in Brownsville Texas where I am building a new Art Program with my colleague Rob Andes.  We are developing a curriculum predicated on the academic training of the traditional ateliers.


For more information please contact Beyond Arts Gallery at (956) 230-2859. Opening reception is free and open to the public.

“W O R K S   O F   F I G U R A T I O N” by ROBERT ANDES and DAVID RANSOM will be on display at the Beyond Arts Gallery from January. 14th – March 5th.

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