Harlingen Art Night: Spirits of the Shore

Harlingen Art-spirits of the shore

Spirits of the Shore

A Natural Photographic Abstract Experience
By Cassandra Bazhaw

This is a photographic collection of eight natural and ever changing tidal shorelines within the beautiful waterways of Desolation Sound, British Columbia. The Spirits of the Shore images contained in this collection are named Brutus, Ivan, Ehrie, Eve, Khan, Lance, a Matilda and Zelda. While those are the primary spirits of each artwork, there are many unnamed smaller spirits are also contained in each image for viewers to discover based on their own perceptions and experiences. What makes this collection unique and one of a kind is that the viewer is invited to rotate each artwork 90 degrees in either direction. By doing this the shoreline magically disappears and the “spirits” naturally contained in each image reveal themselves. This rotating frame was created especially for this collection by the artist to bring these spirits to life. Once you have viewed this collection of visual and conversation stimulating images it will forever change how you view art and maybe even the world around you.

“Many people have asked how I came about capturing the Spirits of the Shore collection. It is a fun but very true story. It all started with Matilda. One late afternoon my husband and I were sitting on the foredeck of our boat and I looked over at the shoreline and I saw a woman looking back at me. I mention this to my husband. He looked at the same shoreline and saw only water, rocks and drying moss. I quickly photographed the image I was seeing. When I showed it to him later and rotated it from a horizontal to vertical position, Matilda presented herself. Matilda will always be special to me. She only presented herself that one brief moment. It was as if to lead me I a new artistic direction by looking deeper into what we see. Hence the Spirits of the Shore Collection was born. Later that evening the tide came in and rose above here. She was washed away, never to be seen again.”.

Cassandra E. Bazhaw: Biography

Cassandra Bazhaw is a native born Californian. She currently maintains residences and studios in the states of Texas and Washington. As a avid boater with a great love for water and all the surrounding natural beauty and life that it encompasses, she spends the summer months in the Northwestern part of Washington state. This is where her summer studio is located and where she and her husband’s boat is docked and readied for journeys onto the Salish Sea. The Salish Sea encompasses the waterways of the San Juan Islands and British Columbia. In the winter months she travels to her Winter home and studio, not far from South Padre Island in Texas. These two diverse locations and all their natural surrounding beauty provide the abundant photographic subjects Cassandra seeks in her work.

Cassandra is a life long photographer with an inherent artistic flair. Since early childhood, with her little Brownie camera in hand that her parents gave her on her seventh birthday, she has been photographing everything that caught her eye. From a bee crawling on a flower to colorful sea life in tide pools, it was the in the moment type scene and detail that excited her and drove her to continuously enjoy taking photographs at that young age. She continues to do so to this day. It is her passion and serves as the cornerstone for her approach to photographic art.

Cassandra’s educational background is in Industrial Psychology coupled with a long term career in Human Resources. With that career now behind her, she now enjoys the ability to focus her life on seeking, capturing, creating and sharing the many beautiful photographic scenes that she pursues and encases in her body of work. Her foundation as a professional photographic artist is derived by many years of behind the lens experience coupled with participation in classes, workshops and a mentorship with a Cleo Award winning photographer. Cassandra is an avid supporter of the arts. She maintains memberships with the Harlingen Art Forum and the Upper Valley Art League in Texas and the Allied Arts of Whatcom County and Whatcom Art Guild in Washington. She has presented her works in numerous art shows in both states. She is currently serving as Chairperson for the 2016 Upper Valley Art League Photographic Art Show.

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