Harlingen Art Night: Soul Searching

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Soul Searching

Kirk Clark and Jessica Salazar McBride

Jessica Salazar McBride:  Artist Statement

“Soul Beings” are free form sculptures with no traditional shape or gender. Each sculpture starts with the idea of purity and light, void of corruption which carries a unique and distinctive essence; emotion and personality are then represented through vibrant linear contrasting-color patterns forming a flow of life. With each piece, imagine a spiritual storm creating an explosion of molecules filled with color and movement, eventually becoming a representation of the hidden universe that is carried within, beautiful and unique to all lifeforms.

The fascination with the concept of a soul has dominated much of the work during my career.  Visualizing the soul’s energy coursing through hands of the artist and transferring into the work itself.  It’s the interpretation of what a soul might look like at its creation, the physical form stretching and pulling into what it will eventually become. With that in mind, the pieces which are created represent a spiritual energy that resonates from their core and reverberates in all who experience them.

Jessica Salazar McBride: Biography

Jessica Salazar McBride was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. The youngest of seven children, she grew up in the farming community of Alamo, Texas, and from a young age demonstrated an interest in art early on.

She studied commercial art and advertising at T.S.T.C. In Waco, Texas and went on to start a career in graphic design.

During the years that followed as designer, Jessica worked on several commercial endeavors that included designing apparel for Southwest Airlines and for several marketing and design companies

After 15 years in the graphic design field, Jessica shifted her focus on a full time career in fine arts in 2004.

Jessica has exhibited in numerous art shows across the state and has developed her papier-mâché techniques and taught her papier-mâché paper pulp method to several scholastic organizations.

Jessica works out of her home studio located in Harlingen, Texas since 1993 and is currently the Gallery Director of the Beyond Arts Gallery, also in Harlingen and a founding member of the Harlingen Art Night event.

Kirk Clark: Artist Statement

It is an honor and a privilege to join my friend, Jessica Salazar-McBride in our “Soul Searching, 11 ” art show at the Beyond Arts Gallery in Harlingen, Friday, Sept. 25th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. This will be our third, two-person show together, plus two group shows together. Jessica’s sculpture personifies the three dimensional spirit that I attempt to create in my two dimensional paintings. When we present our works together, I feel as if there is a joyous dialogue going on between her work and mind. We share a fascination with the creation of the universe and the creation of the human spirit. Though we have our own interpretations of the God given Human Spirit, we share our witness to God’s gift of our souls. We hope that you will see the beauty and mystery of your soul in our creations.

Kirk Clark: Biography

Kirk Clark was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. His parents, Charles and Dorothy Clark, instilled in him a life-long passion for art from an early age. Creating his first oil painting at 10 years old, and going on to study sculpture and drawing in the mid 1960’s; graduating from The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.
His first one-man show, “The Atomic Jesus”, saw over 700 attendees on opening night at the Zane-Wheeler Gallery in Taos, NM. Since then, Kirk has exhibited his work across the Rio Grande Valley as well as internationally, in Rome and Mexico City. His unique drawings; ornate totemic sculptures; mono prints; and jewelry have been featured in galleries and universities in Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, Italy and Mexico, captivating collectors. His artistic skills also extend into poetry.
Following in the footsteps of his parents, Kirk Clark is not just a creator of art, but an avid collector; researcher; philanthropist; and community builder. Throughout his career as an artist and auto dealer, he has been most generous with the proceeds from his art sales; contributing proceeds to various non-profit organizations and charities both locally and abroad. 

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