Harlingen Art Night: Benjamin Varela

Harlingen Art Night & Beyond arts Gallery proudly presents Benja

Benjamin Varela Bio:

Ben States, “when painting, I further define my existence regarding the human condition in South Texas in metaphorical iconography.” They are fragments of memory jigsaw puzzled into an enigma to be explored. Reality is transformed into patterns and images to make a forest, the very forest describe by Juan Garcia Marquez in “Hundred years of solitude.” These inspirations of my work reflect bits of cognizance in regards to living on the islands of Puerto Rico, New York and Chicago, and presently in South Texas. The geneses of the works meaning the creation, begins with a single image on a starless -background, the very forest I struggle to break out and find myself -the Nepatla describe by Gloria E Anzaldua.  Nepatla reflects on the human condition in which I find myself by turning ugliness into something beautiful. His experiences and major transition in culture resulted in the creation of his artwork. Benjamin Varela was born in New York and resides in a small town of South Texas. He graduated from University of Texas Pan American (Now UTRGV) with a MFA degree, and exhibited throughout the USA and internationally.


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