Dreams, Hope and Magic by Puente

Dreams, Hope, and Magic by Puente



Puente is a South Texas artist with origins in Mexico City. Her early recollections of first works are of doodles made with her fingers on the dirt of a patio at her grandmother’s home. She obtained her love for the visual arts from watching paintings that belonged to her uncle, an artisan who worked with fiberglass and resin.

Puente remembers the incredible pleasure she enjoyed from the smell of paint, paper and the wood of the pencils when her kindergarten class was taken to a drawing classroom for the very first time.  As she continued her education, she made her way to Bellas Artes, La Esmeralda, and San Carlos art schools. It was here in Mexico City and during this time that she experienced close encounters with works from the finest artists of the world and had the opportunity to attend workshops with the great Mexican Masters Tamayo and Cuevas.

Throughout her life, Puente has felt the need to express something that she can’t entirely grasp except while painting. Painting and drawing, whether by inks, acrylics, oils, or water media are for her a means to escape an everyday mundane life into a surreal world of fantasy. Her works are scenes and stories that have deep meanings and even deeper histories. Many of these come from dreams, nightmares, and her belief in the power of women who are often seen occupying the central stage in her works, supported by light of inner strength and perseverance.

Puente has a degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (Licenciatura en Filosofia y Letras) and from El Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (La Esmeralda and San Carlos schools of art). She is a surrealist artist now residing in Brownsville, TX, where she has a studio. Puente has had various Solo exhibitions in the region and in Mexico. Her work is found in private collections throughout the United States and Mexico.

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