The Art of Pablo Pena

Harlingen Art

The Art of Pablo Pena

August 28, 2015
7pm – 9pm
August 28th – Sept 22nd

Pablo Peña Biography

Born in Weslaco, TX in 1968, Pablo Peña discovered his passion for art at an early age.              As a youngster, Pablo enjoyed dabbling in the arts. His love for art grew and developed as the years went by. He began experimenting with fusing glass; stain glass, copper sculpture, jewelry and several other mediums to express himself.

In 1996, Pablo’s art went from hobby to professional. Since that time, there is no downtime for Pablo. Pablo works continuously on one piece of artwork to another. His works include a combination of surrealism, cubism, modern art, and various other combinations. Pablo’s artwork is full of vivacious colors and extraordinary figures and symbolism.

Currently Pablo is working on over 150 paintings and a project that includes a copper, glass and metal sculptures. It takes Pablo anywhere from 1 month to 3 years to finish one piece. Pablo’s view of his artist future is to always paint what’s in his soul and keep adding color to an other wise dull world. “Sometimes you need to close your eyes, in order to see” depicts Pablo’s preparation before painting. His hope is to make an impact in the art world and for others to come to know his work.

Artist Statement

Much of my inspiration comes from personal experiences and memorable moments of my lifetime. As I am beginning a piece, I choose colors that personify my mood. I don’t always know what will become of each brush stroke but instead I allow it to guide my creativity. Almost immediately, the eye focuses on shadow form developing a mirage that eventually comes to life. I enjoy painting what I feel and feeling what I paint; the feeling of accomplishment is my addiction. I strive to do better and create art that will withstand the test of time.

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